As our next State Representative, Jeff Dufour is committed to being our trusted voice.  He will not be in the back pocket of the insiders or the special interest groups. 

  • With the pandemic, family budgets are stretched to the max.  We need a new legislator who will have the courage to stand up to the insiders who want to endlessly raise your taxes.  Jeff will oppose gas tax hikes, new carbon taxes, and statewide tolling.
  • Small business is the backbone of our local economy.  Jeff knows that in order to get people off unemployment and back to work that small businesses need support at the State House.  Jeff will stand up for small business that is all too often neglected by the insiders. 
  • It is the people’s House.  That’s why Jeff will require transparency at the State House, so you know how your tax dollars are being spent.
  • Massachusetts should not become more of a magnet for illegal immigrants.  Jeff will oppose licenses for illegal immigrants.  Like you, he doesn’t want to make it easier for them to vote and access taxpayer funded benefits.
  • We need to keep our streets safe.  Jeff will support law enforcement and oppose making Massachusetts a sanctuary state.  He believes that law enforcement at every level should work together.
  • Jeff’s promise to you is to ALWAYS put people ahead of politics.
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