Dufour Announces for State Representative

He’ll Be Our Voice

Tewksbury, MA . . . .Today Jeff Dufour (R Tewksbury) announced his candidacy for State Representative in the Essex 18th House district which includes Andover, Boxford, North Andover, and Tewksbury.

“Like so many of my friends and neighbors, I am frustrated with Beacon Hill refusing to listen to the people.  You shouldn’t need a lobbyist to have a voice at the State House.  That’s why I’m proud to announce my candidacy for State Representative. It’s time for common sense and responsiveness,” said Dufour.  

Dufour, who is long time resident of Tewksbury, has real life experience which the State House desperately needs.  He is not interested in being a career politician or being in the back pocket of any special interest groups.   He’ll be a work horse for the district not a show horse.

“Covid 19 not only threatens our health but also the economic wellbeing of our families and seniors.  The last thing we need is a tax increase.  Family budgets just don’t have any extra money right now to send to Beacon Hill.  As the next State Representative, I will fight for reforms to control spending and make every dime count, so taxes don’t have to be increased,” said Dufour.  

“The current crisis has exposed like never before how only the politically-connected get any consideration at the State House.  Small businesses don’t have lobbyists like the big box stores and they have paid dearly for it.  Why is no one helping the small businesses that create most of the new jobs in the Commonwealth?” said Dufour.  “It’s time for a new Representative who will focus on people not politics.  I’ll be the people’s voice.”

Dufour has launched a website Jeff4Rep.com and has been gaining support on Facebook and other social media outlets.

His platform includes:

  • With family budgets stretched to the max, we need a new legislator who will have the courage to stand up to the insiders who want to endlessly raise your taxes.  Jeff will oppose gas tax hikes, new carbon taxes, and statewide tolling.
  • Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy.  Jeff knows that in order to get people off unemployment and back to work that small businesses need support at the State House.  Jeff will stand up for small businesses that are all too often neglected by the insiders. 
  • It is the people’s House.  That’s why Jeff will require transparency at the State House, so you know how your tax dollars are being spent.
  • Massachusetts should not become more of a magnet for illegal immigrants.  Jeff will oppose licenses for illegal immigrants.  Like you, he doesn’t want to make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote and access taxpayer funded benefits.
  • We need to keep our streets safe.  Jeff will support law enforcement and oppose making Massachusetts a sanctuary state.  He believes that law enforcement should work together at every level.  
  • Jeff’s promise to you is to ALWAYS put people ahead of politics.

Background on Jeff Dufour

Jeff Dufour is a leader for the people – not the insiders or the special interest groups.  Having lived in the region for more than 35 years, he truly cares about the direction of our district and state.  This is not a stepping stone for higher office or implementing an extreme agenda for him.  It is about being our voice at the State House.  

Jeff grew up in a paper mill town in Maine where his mother was a school teacher and his father worked as a grounds superintendent at the local university.  He was raised to work hard, respect others and appreciate the value of community.  Jeff is the third generation of his family to give back through public service.  Jeff and his wife Marie, a Dorchester native, have lived in Tewksbury for the past 24 years.  

Jeff earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maine.  Over the years he has received education certificates for project management and financial planning from Merrimack College.  Presently, he is an Information Systems Project Manager with over 25 years of corporate management and financial services experience.