Dufour Disappointed with Nguyen Vote Against Police

Tewksbury, MA . . . .Today Jeff Dufour, (R Tewksbury) candidate for State Representative in the Essex 18th House district, expressed deep disappointment with Rep. Tram Nguyen’s anti-public safety vote in favor of the “Police Reform” bill. 

“I was encouraged to see that there was bipartisan opposition to the bill which will jeopardize public safety.  However, despite Police Chiefs all across this state opposing the bill, Rep. Nguyen voted in favor.  Our law enforcement was thrown under the bus for an extremist left-wing agenda.  It is deeply disappointing that our police were treated as if they caused the death of George Floyd.  They did not”, said Dufour.  

The House voted 93 to 66.  Over 30 Democrats crossed the aisle to vote against this dangerous bill.  

The legislation repeals qualified immunity for police officers allowing the men and women wearing blue to be sued personally for actions taken on the job.  However, there are already ways in law to hold bad officers accountable.  Repealing qualified immunity is like repealing the “Good Samaritan” law for police.  Good officers can now be sued.  

“As we have seen in New York, there have been massive retirements by police.  Now that will happen here.  So when it takes police 2 hours to respond to a 911 call, because we no longer have enough people willing to serve, you can thank Rep. Nguyen,” said Dufour.

“Having talked to people all across this district, I know that they are extremely frustrated with her voting record since she was elected.  While people are angry over the death of George Floyd, they know that our law enforcement were not responsible.  They want police protection.  They want safe streets.  And, they want safe schools,” said Dufour.  “As the next State Representative, people can count on me to represent their views at the State House, not the views of the ultra-liberal.”

Background on Jeff Dufour

Jeff Dufour is a leader for the people – not the insiders or the special interest groups.  Having lived in the region for more than 35 years, he truly cares about the direction of our district and state.  This is not a stepping stone for higher office or implementing an extreme agenda for him.  It is about being our voice at the State House.  

Jeff grew up in a paper mill town in Maine where his mother was a school teacher and his father worked as a grounds superintendent at the local university.  He was raised to work hard, respect others and appreciate the value of community.  Jeff is the third generation of his family to give back through public service.  Jeff and his wife Marie have lived in Tewksbury for the past 24 years. 

Jeff earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maine.  Over the years he has received education certificates for project management and financial planning from Merrimack College.  Presently, he is an Information Systems Project Manager with over 25 years of corporate management and financial services experience.